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Film director & Scriptwriter

Ali Reza Saadat Nia (Teheran, Iran) is a film director and scriptwriter who studied film direction at Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK) and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He debuted with the award winning short film The Ball (35mm, 15 min), and has since written and directed several films, among those two feature length films.


”Charlie's Tragedies”, 35mm, 75 min, 2010

Ali Reza Saadat Nia's first feature film is "Charlie's Tragedies”, a story of people’s commitment to build a cinema and create the opportunity to show films during the war in an occupied society. It was shown in a different film festivals and film museums such as New Homeland Film Festival in Austria, Carthage Film Festival in Tunisia and The Portuguese Film Museum Cinematheque. The film also received the prize for best director and best child actor at Esfahan´s Film Festival for Children and Youth. The film has also been screened at film museums in Lisbon and Tehran.

Ali Reza Saadat Nia's second feature film “Ear-ringed Fish" is about a girl under 10 years old who is forced to marry. Marriage of children under puberty age who have not grown emotionally and intellectually completely is prevalent in Iran. The official statistics of National Organisation for Civil Registration show that approximately 40,000 girls get married in Iran before reaching puberty. For example in Golestan Province, many girls get married before puberty because of the common practice in the region, local customs, or for economic needs. Golestan Province is located in the northeast of Iran, and various ethnic groups such as Fars, Turk, Turkmen, Sistani, Baluch, and Kazakh live there. The dialects used in the province include Turkmen, Fars, Mazandarani, and Baluchi. The majority of the population consists of Turkmens.

“Ear-Ringed Fish”, Digital, 2023 - work in progress

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Studied Film direction at Russian State University of Cinematography (VGIK), 1995 - 2000

Selected films

“Ear-Ringed fish” (director, screenwriter), 80 min, 2023 - work in progress

“Charlie's Tragedies” (director, screenwriter), 35mm, 75min, 2010

“Iranian in Sweden Exile” (documentary for Iranian television), 10 episodes, 2007

“Silence of Shadows” (documentary for Iranian television), 10 episodes, 2006-2007

“Iranian in Russian Exile” (documentary for Iranian television), 10 episodes, 2001

“Scarecrow” (director, screenwriter), 35mm, 15min, 2004

“The Ball” (director, screenwriter), 35mm, 15min, 2000

Selected scripts

"Woman, life, freedom", 2023
"A man from another world", 2022
"Utopia", 2021

“Violinist”, 2020
"An Eye for An Eye", 2019
"Old man and sea", 2016
"The  wound in Abaayi's heart", 2015

“Oldman and Sea”, 2014

“Utopia”, 2012
"Raha", 2012
"Prison", 2011
"Charlie’s Tragedies", 2010
"Zanborak", 2008
"Rostam", 2006

"Scarecrow", 2004
"The Ball", 2000


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